Organizing your Wedding

Organizing your Wedding

Our Wedding Planner will create a step by step guide for your wedding day. We comply with the latest trends in events and wedding industry, ensuring we have all the right accommodations for your long-awaited day to go as planned. You can share your sincere wishes and entrust our Wedding Planner to make them a reality. Start dreaming today!

The Plan

Your dreams become a reality

Organizing a wedding means understanding the deepest wishes of the marrying couple, guiding them to the most appropriate choices, being supportive while providing tranquility and confidence. We understand that it is important to pay close attention to details, in order to make your special day magical. We will guide you through available options in décor, table setting, menu degustation while visualizing your wedding day in advance. Let us take care of all the preparations, you deserve to be pampered on a day like this!

The Scenery

To Love, Dream, & Wish…

Each celebration has a story to tell, a desire to meet and many emotions to share, we are here to help you realize them. To make every moment magical it is important to entrust those who do their work with love and dedication. We believe that nothing should be left unnoticed because only when every step is studied in close detail, there can be a successful hosted event. Let yourself be taken by surprise by our stylish and gracious designs, a balance between the Shabby Chic style and modern trends. Discover the magic of our location, and see how your wishes and decorations visualize and take place in our venue. We are excited for you to make a choice of style accompanied by sophistication.

The Wedding Party

Music for the soul

The music for a wedding becomes a fundamental choice as it creates the atmosphere, giving harmony, happiness, and a feel-good mood; without it, the party wouldn’t be complete. If you do not have a particular music band in mind, our Wedding Planner will help you choose the one that is right for you. We have been working with many music bands and DJ's in the past and have a resourceful list of references to provide you with. The important consideration to keep in mind is that music has to be present at all times throughout the event but in different genres. For this reason, we will usually recommend someone that can provide different styles of music, setting the appropriate tone for each moment, whether it is a start to the party or the magical moment of the cake cutting.

The Transportation

The way to happiness

Choosing a car for the wedding day is another important ritual, as it prepares the newlyweds for their lifelong journey. We have many suggestions for you, from vintage to modern, we will help you choose the right car for your smooth journey and grand entrance.